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Mile Post 14, Hwy 128, Moab, Utah 84532
Toll free: +1 (866) 812-2002
Local: +1 (435) 259-2002
Mile Post 14, Hwy 128 Toll free: 866-812-2002
Moab, Utah 84532 Local: 435-259-2002

Join us at Red Cliffs Lodge to relax, and enjoy the scenery.

For corporate retreats and business meetings Red Cliffs Lodge can accommodate your executive needs. State of the art electronics complete with 12ft. screen, power point capabilities, VHS, DVD, satellite TV and DSL internet connections throughout the conference room and facility, as well as each over night accommodation. Our meeting area has three breakout rooms for smaller discussion groups and a full dining area ready to fill the appetite growing companies need.

As the sun sets and the mood of the day takes on a relaxing atmosphere what a time to gather your business meeting around the pool for an evening of fun and leisure.

Join us at Red Cliffs Lodge to relax, and enjoy the scenery. Relax by the pool at Red Cliffs Lodge.
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Seasonal - Projected opening date: April 15th Projected closing date: October 15th

Or take the workshop on a trail ride and incorporate your executive meeting into the travel of the southwest as you venture out into the unknown with nothing but the horizon as your backdrop.

Plan a Corporate Retreat and take in Some Activities offered at Red Cliffs Adventure Resort Moab Utah
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Why Get Away? Day to day you work under pressure, little chance to spend quality time with your colleagues. Whether your objective is to get to know each other better, team building to work together better, to be more innovative, or to get down to work on your strategy, you will achieve much, much more if you get away, change the environment and allow time for the process.

For more information on our corporate retreat packages and list of team building activities, please email us or call our toll free number and we will promptly respond.